SEO for Beginners


What is SEO?  As per the abbreviations, it stand for Search Engine Optimization. This is simply the process of ranking a website organically or naturally and it is usually free. In simple terms you are only required to invest your time and follow the laid out guidelines by different search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo.

If you have at one time possessed a website you really wonder why it is not appearing on the 1st page of search results. This is the reason why you need search engine optimization. Different online sources explain search engine optimization in their own terms, but this what it basically means.


You website require traffic to make better business. Improving your targeted traffic can be done in a ton of different ways, but search engine optimization is considered the mother of all. SEO requires:

Great Content

Your website should always be populated with readable and useful content for readers. This is the number 1 killer in SEO. By considering unique content (avoid duplicate content from other websites) your website will definitely start improving in ranking on search engines.

Meta descriptions and Title Tags

This is another SEO element you need to consider. Different search engines have their own requirement regarding Meta tags and title tags. This is an important aspect to consider as the search engine bots uses this aspects to understand what your website really talks about.

ALT Tags

Your images are very crucial when it comes to SEO. The images too need to be optimized for different search engines. Adding the ALT tags is the method used to determine your images ranking.


What are keywords? These are words you enter into the search engines when searching for any results. As a beginner in SEO you are required to understand that proper keyword placement will help searchers find your website first on search engine. There are many guidelines you will need to follow including: Keyword research, popular keywords etc. In short keywords are the main determinant when it comes to SEO.


Many searches done on search engines are mainly by location. This have led to a new branch of SEO called Local SEO. People will search for products within specific locations and therefore you are require to include your websites business location as part of your keyword placement strategy.

Link Building

This is another popular synonym you will always find many SEO experts talking about. This refers to linking your website with other website to for a “Spider Web”. Search engines consider websites with links from recognized, high authority website to be more trustworthy and therefore ranks higher.

These are just a few considerations SEO beginners should try to focus. Using this simple guide you will be on your path to discovering yourself as an SEO guru. Many companies today really focus on SEO as their number 1 marketing strategy due to its durability and return on investment (ROI).

I think now you are well placed to start your SEO career with a bang. Consider reading more tips for SEO.


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