Common SEO Mistakes


Today there are very many so called “SEO Experts”, but what do they do? SEO Experts are tasked with ensuring websites are properly optimized for search engines. Nevertheless, there are many mistakes that occur during the process of search engine optimization. Understanding some of these mistakes could guide you in ensuring your website ranks on the 1st page of Google SERP’s. Even though no one really understands which are best ways to be on the 1st page there are some guidelines that have proved over time to be great for SEO.

We should not take these guidelines for granted. It is important that all stakeholders in this field to follow this simple guidelines. It is just easy, but could turn cumbersome if not done well. Let’s have a look at the common SEO mistakes you should avoid.

Avoiding Keyword brainstorming.

Many experts avoid keyword brainstorming and continue to build the keywords from their own imaginations. This is wrong. There are tools available to help SEO experts conduct keywords brainstorming from the very start. You can use Google Suggest to help you in keyword brainstorming.

Using Free Hosted Blogs.

Many people use free hosted blogs which includes,, and These platforms limits you from updating the best plugins required for SEO. Consider self-hosted platforms if you want to rank higher.

Poor Link Building.

This being the number one strategy for higher ranking many experts avoid it or otherwise conducts a poor link building strategy. Poor link building harms and can lead to penalties.

Lack of Canonical tags.

Even though not a really important aspect for SEO, you should consider adding the canonical tags.

Not using anchor tags

Anchor tags serves a great purpose when it comes to SEO. You will find many blog articles without anchor tags which is an injustice. Consider adding anchor tags if you are serious with your SEO program.

Not submitting sitemaps to Google Console.

It is a requirement by Google. You should submit your website’s sitemap to Google console. The Google bots uses the sitemap to determine your website structure. It is submitted in .XML format. Google console is also popularly known as Google Webmaster. Make sure you generate a sitemap for your website and submit it to Google Console. You should also consider to update your sitemap after some updates on your website.

Using robots.txt instead of NoIndex

You will find this to be a common mistake. By doing this you have disallowed Google from visiting a certain URL, while there still links available on your website pointing to the same URL. This leads to an error. Please avoid this simple mistake by indexing your URL’s correctly.

These are a few common mistakes that many SEO experts forget, but they are of great importance if you need your website to rank better. Ensure you avoid these simple mistakes when carrying out your SEO.

Take action and learn more SEO mistakes provided for via Google guidelines. Always avoid these mistakes for better rankings on search engines.