Snapchat Marketing for Beginners

Snapchat Marketing for Beginners

Snapchat is next big thing, if you are not using Snapchat by now I think you ought to. Snapchat have been a great marketing platform over the recent past and good news is that it is still growing bigger day by day. With over 100 million people using Snapchat daily and better to note is the fact that there are over 400 million snaps daily. This is just some simple stats, if you think so.

Serious marketers have not taken Snapchat marketing just easily, and that is the whole reason why you ought to learn more on why Snapchat marketing is great as a beginner. Today researchers have identified Snapchat marketing as the new global marketing strategy to focus on.

Snapchat have better authenticity for brand awareness and also great for community engagement. So, we take a look at the simple reasons why Snapchat is great!

Better ROI

The primary focus for any marketer globally is to ensure that their brands catch the world and there is a great return on investment based on their inputted budget. Snapchat will not let you down. If you take it seriously, you will leap better fruits from Snapchat. I have over time been thinking why people could be doing Snapchat marketing? Sincerely there is no reason. It is time Snapchat marketers who are trying it for the 1st time invested more time to see better brand awareness on Snapchat.

Promotions and Contests

Just like Instagram Snapchat is also another power tool when it comes to promotions and contests. Being the number 1 method to help you improve your audience on Snapchat, contests gives your audience a better feel of your brand. Companies like Github have really made great achievements through promotions on Snapchat. So, why should you fail?


The best of all is the authenticity and realness that is associated with Snapchat. For beginners in Snapchat Marketing you should not take this for granted. You are required to provide the best snaps to beat the competition of authenticity for your brand on Snapchat. Even if authenticity is cool, it could haunt people with poor and non-creative snaps. Ensure your brand standout amongst the millions and you will really achieve more traffic, leads and could lead to better sales.

Special Content.

With Snapchat you can always share exclusive content with your followers. For marketers you have the capacity to share you brand snaps with your followers which is a great way to receive trusted audience. Your audience will also understand and engage with you brand and more so help you in the promotion of your brand through their own channels. This is one of the real beauties associated with Snapchat.

Live Events

The best way to market today is the creation of live events. This is a cool feature that Snapchat offers. Live events help boost your brand awareness and community engagement to a higher level. You are required to regularly set up live events for business brand. Creating at least 2 live events in a month could be really great. Beginners with Snapchat marketing should embrace this technique to grow their fan base faster. It is easy to set up a live event if you have previously used Snapchat.

Easy Partnering with Influential People

For beginners with Snapchat marketing think of embracing this technique also. Influential people on Snapchat have great following and therefore if you are associated with them via partnership you will definitely improve your brand awareness.

We have tried to really bring on board all the elements that will help you grow your Snapchat audience as a marketer. This is just, what you really need to do to achieve greatness on Snapchat. Make your brand awareness authentic as to compete the authenticity that is provided on Snapchat.

By now you are a really great Snapchat marketer. You can start with Snapchat marketing if you have not tried. As technology grows and different, better social media platforms arise you will be required to ensure you pull up your socks to avoid your brand being undiscoverable.

You can take this “as a food of thought”, always ensure your brand is participating in as many social media platforms as possible. This could be the best way to greatness as a marketer. You will definitely not miss out to make a single sale in your cause, so why are you sitting there? Start! Become the next biggest brand on Snapchat.

Enjoy marketing your brand on Snapchat today.


Google Adwords Basics


What is Google Adwords?  This is Pay per Click platform that is run by Google. This is one of largest PPC advertisement program available online today. Many people use Google Adwords in their advertisement and therefore it is significant we have a detailed look at some of the basics users and advertisers should understand.

Anyone who have used Google in one way or the other have seen ads displayed either on top or on the sidebar of the search results. The placement of this ads is done using Google Adwords tool. As much as you could think that placing this ads is just a simple thing, you will be required to understand how to run cost effective but successful ads campaign via Google.

Let’s have a simple detailed look at some of the basics that every beginner using Google Adwords ought to understand as they run their ads. This is a kick ass basics guide you must read.

Understanding Fundamentals of your Campaign.

When running any ads campaign on Google Adwords your main focus should be conversion. Why is conversion significant? The conversion from your campaign helps you understand whether your campaign is yielding positive results or just a waste of time. You should be attentive to details to ensure you understand which your conversion point is. When you picture out your conversion point you can easily manage your ads campaign. Make sure your conversion tracking is properly set to avoid getting miscellaneous results of any form. Learn more and have a better understanding of your ads campaign.

Campaign Setup

You have to consider the fact that you require proper campaign settings if you are looking forward to get positive results from your ads campaign. Having your campaign setting done and excellent conversion you can always generate reports that can guide you in making better return on investment.

Have a small budget and expand progressively.

When you are setting up you campaign you should consider starting small. The stats obtained from the 1st phase of your ad marketing campaign will guide you on the effectiveness of the campaign and the step you are bound to take after the successful campaign. You can decide to quit the ad campaign or you can decide to continue with the campaign based on the results. If it means expansion, pump a larger budget and ensure professional bid management.

Be attentive to details.

When caring out a Google Adwords campaign you are supposed to focus on the end result. You should always maintain consistent monthly reports are generated to help you track the metrics. You need to create creative ads which by no doubt will help improve your stats, traffic and lead generation. You also have to make sure you have a cool landing page, a properly designed landing page with clear call to action will help you convert more from your ad campaign. Ensure you manage you bids, never be tricked Google is a real bitch it can take away all you money and yet you will not discover the goals you aspired to achieved. You need to spend correctly wherever you are running a Google Adwords campaign.

Make sure your account structure looks and feel perfect, you are supposed to group your keywords and have a good understanding of the difference between display ad groups and search ad groups. A perfect account structure is a significant step in discovering great ads conversion and even better sales overtime. Always ensure that you conduct excellent search query mining to help you avoid negative keywords in your campaign at any time.

Grow your Campaign.

Last, but not least consider making sure you continuously grow your campaign. The worst thing is not to start, but to stop. You are supposed to ensure that you progressively grow your campaign. Many people who have conducted these campaigns always say, they will continue due to the revenue they have consistently gained. Remember you need persistence in achieving better and great results from your campaign.

Now we have a vivid understanding of the Google Adwords basics this is a great guide for individuals who have been trying it out to become great Google Adwords managers. The sweetest bit of being a Google Adwords manager as an expert is the lucrative and good pay you will always receive. For many years this experts are paid above $20 per hour. Who could hate such a pay? If you think this sounds cool to you then you should take the next step and start investing you time.

Learn more on Google Adwords and ensure you become the best of the best.

Common SEO Mistakes


Today there are very many so called “SEO Experts”, but what do they do? SEO Experts are tasked with ensuring websites are properly optimized for search engines. Nevertheless, there are many mistakes that occur during the process of search engine optimization. Understanding some of these mistakes could guide you in ensuring your website ranks on the 1st page of Google SERP’s. Even though no one really understands which are best ways to be on the 1st page there are some guidelines that have proved over time to be great for SEO.

We should not take these guidelines for granted. It is important that all stakeholders in this field to follow this simple guidelines. It is just easy, but could turn cumbersome if not done well. Let’s have a look at the common SEO mistakes you should avoid.

Avoiding Keyword brainstorming.

Many experts avoid keyword brainstorming and continue to build the keywords from their own imaginations. This is wrong. There are tools available to help SEO experts conduct keywords brainstorming from the very start. You can use Google Suggest to help you in keyword brainstorming.

Using Free Hosted Blogs.

Many people use free hosted blogs which includes,, and These platforms limits you from updating the best plugins required for SEO. Consider self-hosted platforms if you want to rank higher.

Poor Link Building.

This being the number one strategy for higher ranking many experts avoid it or otherwise conducts a poor link building strategy. Poor link building harms and can lead to penalties.

Lack of Canonical tags.

Even though not a really important aspect for SEO, you should consider adding the canonical tags.

Not using anchor tags

Anchor tags serves a great purpose when it comes to SEO. You will find many blog articles without anchor tags which is an injustice. Consider adding anchor tags if you are serious with your SEO program.

Not submitting sitemaps to Google Console.

It is a requirement by Google. You should submit your website’s sitemap to Google console. The Google bots uses the sitemap to determine your website structure. It is submitted in .XML format. Google console is also popularly known as Google Webmaster. Make sure you generate a sitemap for your website and submit it to Google Console. You should also consider to update your sitemap after some updates on your website.

Using robots.txt instead of NoIndex

You will find this to be a common mistake. By doing this you have disallowed Google from visiting a certain URL, while there still links available on your website pointing to the same URL. This leads to an error. Please avoid this simple mistake by indexing your URL’s correctly.

These are a few common mistakes that many SEO experts forget, but they are of great importance if you need your website to rank better. Ensure you avoid these simple mistakes when carrying out your SEO.

Take action and learn more SEO mistakes provided for via Google guidelines. Always avoid these mistakes for better rankings on search engines.

How to do Search Engine Marketing

How to do Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing form of digital marketing that involves marketing your websites on the different search Engines. Different companies have built search engines and the algorithms for higher ranking in this search engines really differ. Search engine marketing by itself involve organic and paid search marketing. The 2 marketing methods could suit you depending on your estimate budget.

If you are looking forward to carry out your brand marketing strategy, then there are a few tips that will help you do search engine marketing easily.

Create a goal oriented strategy

Before kick starting you search engine campaign either paid or organic, you will be required to come up with a goal oriented strategy to help you understand, the target audience, budget required and expected returns. If you are personally not a professional in search engine marketing you can consider hiring an expert to come up with this strategy. He or she will be tasked with researching on the requirements for the search engine marketing before kick starting it. You can still continue to retain, your expert as a consultant or involve him or her in the search engine marketing task fully.

Website Optimization

If you are looking to carry out a search engine marketing campaign, you require to 1st have your website optimized with target keywords in your niche of choice. Keywords are the single most important thing every search engine marketer should consider choosing creatively. With a professionally optimized website you can continue to carry out a paid search. If your website is not optimized and you ideally decide to carry out a paid search it could sound a waste of resources.

The website structure is also another thing you need to consider when optimizing your website to ensure that visitors to your website finds it easy to navigate, otherwise you could receive negative results from your campaign. Poor website structure results to a high bounce rate.

ROI – Driven PPC

When carrying out Pay per Click (PPC), you should consider the return on investment. You could probably spend more and the results from your campaign still not satisfying, and this could really heart. To avoid such shocks, make sure you have a clear strategy guiding you in the process. You can assign a budget for 3 months and then observe the results. This will help you make better decisions in your PPC campaign.

Measure Success

There is a great desire to ensure you get results from anything you do. After carrying out a search engine marketing campaign therefore you are required to measure the success of your campaign monthly. This can be done by using a wide range of software’s available such as Google Analytics.

These are the simple steps you are required to ensure your campaign is successful over time. If you try to do search engine marketing haphazardly you could leap the bad fruits. Consider doing search engine marketing professionally and you will find great results from it.

Try search engine marketing guides available for different search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

SEO for Beginners


What is SEO?  As per the abbreviations, it stand for Search Engine Optimization. This is simply the process of ranking a website organically or naturally and it is usually free. In simple terms you are only required to invest your time and follow the laid out guidelines by different search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo.

If you have at one time possessed a website you really wonder why it is not appearing on the 1st page of search results. This is the reason why you need search engine optimization. Different online sources explain search engine optimization in their own terms, but this what it basically means.


You website require traffic to make better business. Improving your targeted traffic can be done in a ton of different ways, but search engine optimization is considered the mother of all. SEO requires:

Great Content

Your website should always be populated with readable and useful content for readers. This is the number 1 killer in SEO. By considering unique content (avoid duplicate content from other websites) your website will definitely start improving in ranking on search engines.

Meta descriptions and Title Tags

This is another SEO element you need to consider. Different search engines have their own requirement regarding Meta tags and title tags. This is an important aspect to consider as the search engine bots uses this aspects to understand what your website really talks about.

ALT Tags

Your images are very crucial when it comes to SEO. The images too need to be optimized for different search engines. Adding the ALT tags is the method used to determine your images ranking.


What are keywords? These are words you enter into the search engines when searching for any results. As a beginner in SEO you are required to understand that proper keyword placement will help searchers find your website first on search engine. There are many guidelines you will need to follow including: Keyword research, popular keywords etc. In short keywords are the main determinant when it comes to SEO.


Many searches done on search engines are mainly by location. This have led to a new branch of SEO called Local SEO. People will search for products within specific locations and therefore you are require to include your websites business location as part of your keyword placement strategy.

Link Building

This is another popular synonym you will always find many SEO experts talking about. This refers to linking your website with other website to for a “Spider Web”. Search engines consider websites with links from recognized, high authority website to be more trustworthy and therefore ranks higher.

These are just a few considerations SEO beginners should try to focus. Using this simple guide you will be on your path to discovering yourself as an SEO guru. Many companies today really focus on SEO as their number 1 marketing strategy due to its durability and return on investment (ROI).

I think now you are well placed to start your SEO career with a bang. Consider reading more tips for SEO.